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In-Home Care FAQ's

Who would benefit from in-home service?

In-home services benefit a wide array of people with varying levels of functioning. We serve individuals who need assistance temporarily such as to recover from surgery or hospitalization to individuals who need assistance daily for the long term.

I only want service once a week. Is there a minimum amount of service?

Services are provided on an individual basis. If you have a case manager, they will determine the amount of hours for which you qualify. Ultimately, the decision is up to you. Some participants have service multiple times daily, some receive service 2-3 times a week, and yet some just once weekly. If paying privately, there is a 2hr minimum for service.

Can we change days of service if needed?

Yes, we just request notification so we can adjust the schedules of our home care aides.

Can we change days of attendance if needed?

Yes, we are flexible. Generally, the days of attendance are discussed at the time of the initial assessment but this may be changed to suit your needs. We would appreciate advanced notice for scheduling changes to be sure that we have appropriate staffing.

Do you provide 24hr assistance?

We do provide in-home service 24 hours a day on a case by case basis. Most service is provided between 7am and 8pm.

Can you take me to the doctor?

In most circumstances, we can. Often, we can also provide transportation for errands. However, some funding sources limit our ability to provide transportation.

How are your employees screened and trained?

All of our home care aides must pass a thorough background check. They receive 24 hours of training initially and then must complete 12 hours of additional training each year.

How do I get my parents to agree to services?

It can be scary and upsetting to admit that your loved one’s abilities and functioning are declining. Keeping communication open and having an honest conversation about your concerns and goals for in home services is the best approach. We want to partner with you and your family to preserve dignity and be respectful of the desire to remain healthy and safe in their home. With our supportive services, your loved one can remain in their comfortable, familiar environment and you have more freedom and peace of mind.

What if I don’t like my home care aide?

We do our best to match our participants to our home care aides but we understand at times that it might not be a good fit. Please notify our office of any concerns or problems that you are having so that we may resolve the problem or try a different home care aide.

How soon can I get started? Is there a waiting period for service?

Generally, services can be started within a few days.

How will I be billed?

If you receive funding through an agency, billing will be handled through that particular agency. If you are paying privately, you will be billed on a monthly basis.